Just weeks after the Houston Astros won their first ever World Series, the MLB’s GM and Owner meetings are officially underway. This year, you may want to pay attention to your favorite team because there are a lot of rumors flying around about some of baseball’s biggest names.

1.) Giancarlo Stanton 

According to insider Jon Heyman, the St Louis Cardinals have “emerged as the leaders to land Stanton.” Stanton is coming off of his best MLB season to date. He slashed 59 homers and 132 RBI’s and has publicly said that he is not going to be a part of a rebuild because he’s lost 7 years [with the Marlins]. Stanton’s contract is 13 years for 325 million dollars and he will entering year 4. He would still have to accept the trade to St Louis.

PREDICTION: Trade to St Louis for Alex Reyes and other top prospects 

2.) Yu Darvish 

Yu Darvish was acquired by the Dodgers for their postseason run and put on an ugly performance in the fall classic. However, Darvish is 31 and a free agent. With contending teams like the Minnesota Twins and Chicago Cubs looking to add another starter, Darvish will most certainly be on the move. He has expressed interest in staying in LA, but with a possible 100 million dollar contract on the horizon, there would be no chance of the Dodgers matching that. Darvish makes a lot of sense in Minnesota. They have two gold glovers and two solid starters. One more starter could make them a playoff team for several years to come. However, don’t forget about their division rival Indians. They are also in the market for a top notch starter.

PREDICTION: Signed by Minnesota Twins. 4 years-100 million dollars 

3.) Jake Arrieta 

The Chicago Cubs latest Cy Young Award winner and the man that gave them their first postseason win in over a decade is officially a free agent. Arrieta showed that 2015 was his peak season in the MLB, but still played very well for the majority of these last two seasons. The Cubs have extended a qualifying offer to Arrieta, but he’s in the exact same spot and Yu Darvish. With teams out there like the Milwaukee Brewers, Cardinals and Twins, he’s likely to get a big payday.

PREDICTION: Signed by Milwaukee Brewers. 4 years-100 million dollars 

4.) Chris Archer 

Although Archer is still under contract, the 29 year old is in the prime of his career with a team that is not ready to contend. Joe Maddon managed him for years and Archer was not happy to see him go. He tweeted  “I was spoiled to have Joe and Andrew navigate the early stages of my career. I sincerely hope their new opportunities serve them well.” Cubs GM Jed Hoyer has said that they are not afraid to move MLB talent this offseason.

PREDICTION: Traded to Cubs for Kyle Schwarber and Ian Happ 

5.) Wade Davis 

Wade Davis was also sent a qualifying offer from the Chicago Cubs at the end of their season. It took Wade Davis until the final few weeks of the regular season to blow a save, giving up a walk-off homer to Travis Shaw. Davis has always been a rock solid, top 5 closer in baseball, but after his surgery last offseason it was a major question mark. Now that he has proven to be back at the all-star level, he is going to make a lot of money. Possible teams that could acquire the free agent include St Louis, Washington, Minnesota and Chicago.

PREDICTION: Resigned by the Chicago Cubs 

6.) Shohei Otani 

Referred to as “the Babe Ruth” of Japan, Shohei Otani is headed to the major leagues in 2018. What makes the right handed starter so special is the fact that he throws 100mph and hits home runs. He had a 1.86 ERA, 22 homers and 67 RBIs in 2016. The Yankees, Rangers and Twins have the most money to offer. The Yankees can offer a 3.25 million dollar signing bonus, while the Rangers can offer a 3.5 million dollar one. He is currently 23 years old.

PREDICTION: Signed by New York Yankees 

As for other players, Alex Cobb has expressed serious interest in signing with the Cubs. Closer Zach Britton is back on the trade block. We are set for a very interesting offseason.


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