MLB Approves Drastic Change to Intentional Walk Rule

Baseball games are long and slow. Sure, it’s fun to head down to the ballpark, drink some beers and eat some hots dogs…but even with a belly full of brew and franks, the game takes forever. 

And that’s at the game. On TV it’s 1000 worse.

So given the consensus that games drag on, the MLB is doing something about it. 

In relation to intentional walks, the pitcher will be able to signal the dugout that he wants to walk the batter. Done. No playing catch with the catcher for 10-15 seconds. Take your base. 

While the rule will speed up the game (I guess?) we’ll never see moments like these ever again.

A noble attempt to fix the game, MLB. But this isn’t doing much at all.

Back to the drawing board…

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