Mike Tomlin Acts Like Little Bitch After Le’Veon Bell Injury

The Steelers wrapped up the AFC North title with a 27 – 17 victory of the Bengals, but all was not well in Pittsburgh.  During the game, Pittsburgh stud running back Le’Veon Bell was hit low by Bengals’ safety Reggie Nelson.  Bell was forced to leave the game with a hyper-extension of the knee.


The hit was perfectly legal, and just happened to have the unfortunate consequence of injuring Tomlin’s prized backfield weapon.

Tomlin didn’t take kindly to the hit, yelling with Nelson after the game in an animated manner. It’s clear that Tomlin was unhappy with Nelson, and one can only assume it was due to the hit…because his vague comments in the post game press conference answers were extremely weak. If you really think that Tomlin’s reasoning for the angry back and forth was a “he said she said” like he told the press…you’re an idiot. He was fuming because he might have lost his best player for the playoffs.

With defensive players incurring penalties for high hits in which they don’t even intend to make contact with the head, they’ve had to increasingly target low in order to avoid being penalized.  Last year, it was then Browns’ safety T.J. Ward who took out Rob Gronkowski with a low blow.  Now, we see Nelson hitting Bell.  It’s an inevitable side effect of the new NFL rules against going high on receivers.

Sure, Mike Tomlin has a job to do, and a big part of that is defending his players.  But we’re talking about a clown who feigned ignorance when he stood on the field and impeded a return by Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones.

Sorry coach.  Football’s a rough game and guys get hurt, especially when the league puts rules in place that force guys to go low on receivers.  Next time, show a little class and just go shake hands with the other coach and try to keep off the field when an opponent is about to take one to the house on your team.

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