Michael Sam’s Sexuality No Longer the Story

After he publicly came out as gay before the NFL Draft, Michael Sam was all the rage.  Everyone was talking about him.  His jersey was as hot as Johnny Football’s, and men who don’t know how many points football players get for hitting home runs or power play goals were suddenly huge Rams fans.

The media threw down preemptive strikes on Sam’s behalf, essentially preparing us for the “he was only cut because he’s gay” onslaught that would surely follow St. Louis if he didn’t make the team.  Despite being a “tweener,” his slide in the draft was solely based on his homosexuality.  His sexual orientation was the story.  Why else would anyone care about a guy who’s too small to be a DE and too slow to be an OLB?

Then ESPN went and did a bit about Michael Sam’s showering and suddenly his homosexuality is no longer the story in the media.  Why?  Because John Stewart says so.

Jon Stewart Calls Out ESPN For Obsessing Over Michael Sam's Shower Habits

In a perfect world, we would be over it.  John Stewart and the rest of the media are over it, so everyone should be.  No longer will we qualify anything about Michael Sam with his sexual orientation, instead, he will just be Michael Sam, football player, from here on out.

Too bad it’s all bullshit.

Every time Sam does something positive, the media will fall all over itself to talk about how he became the first gay player to make an NFL roster/sack a quarterback/start a game/etc….

If Sam doesn’t make the roster, they’ll be un-over it en masse.  The shit storm that will fall upon the St. Louis Rams will pale in comparison to the fanfare when he was drafted.  He won’t just be Michael Sam, he’ll be Michael Sam, openly gay player who was cut because he’s gay.  He won’t be cut because he’s not good enough to play for the Rams, but because the NFL isn’t yet ready to have an openly gay player on the roster.  There will be no dialogue about his skills, just talking heads on soap boxes condescendingly talking down to the NFL for not being as evolved as themselves.

The entire ordeal is completely comical.  The media goes to extremes to make Sam being gay the story, until they arbitrarily draw the line on when it is no longer the story.  This gives the story more legs, because they can make the story how it’s no longer a story, as we’re seeing today.

If they’re so over it, from now on, Michael Sam will just be “Michael Sam, St. Louis Rams’ defensive end.”

But they’re so not over it.  They’re just uncomfortable with the fact that it’s awkward for an openly gay player to shower with a bunch of alpha males, and they don’t know how to deal with it.  Instead of constructively discussing this awkward topic, they just bully anyone trying to do so into silent submission.  That’s the way the media works.  Agree with us blindly, do not discuss what complicates our agenda or else we’ll bury you!

If we truly don’t care about his sexuality, it never would’ve been a story to begin with.  Sam’s coming out would’ve been a footnote in his journey to become an NFL player.  He wouldn’t have had a reality TV crew following him.  He wouldn’t have had a camera at his house to catch his historic smooch with his boyfriend when drafted.  What other seventh round pick would’ve been invited to the ESPY’s?  It’s all because his sexuality is the story.

From here on out, every time you hear Michael Sam’s sexuality mentioned, you’ll know the story isn’t over.  It’s only just begun.  

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