Miami Heat Make Douchiest Player Intros Ever

When the Miami Heat open their season against the Charlotte Hornets tonight, they’ll be showing this on the big screen at American Airlines Arena.

Perhaps it’s best to break this down into some screen shots to really capture the subtle, unintentional hilarity in this video.


Tyler Johnson wearing a super cool shirt, with that top button done.  He’s staring into your soul.

tyler johnson

The Birdman works that facial hair for the camera.



Mario Chalmers will steal your girl with his patented move.


Goran Dragic looks like a super trendy Indiana Jones





And then you have Josh McRoberts.  Presented, with no comment.



roberts 2 roberts 3 roberts

To be fair to Josh, his girl was on set and left him for Chalmers when she saw him drop his glasses.

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