Miami Dolphins Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

Miami Dolphins Training Camp: Quarterbacks

Photo Courtesy of Miami Herald

We are a little less than two weeks away from when the Dolphin’s training camp getting underway, and I realize I have told you in the recent past to go out and enjoy your summer. I want you all to go and live it up until football takes over your lives. Well, three weeks the Hall of Fame game will be on and once we actually see football players on a football field, summer is pretty much over. That’s just how this works. With all that being said, from now until the beginning of camp, I’m going to delve into each position group breaking down all sorts of things. Today, we lead off with the most important position in sports and that’s the QBs.

The Dolphin’s QB situation, though not littered with upper echelon talent, is one of the more interesting QB situations in the league. In January, it was perceived that the Dolphins were looking to put together a team that was clearly tanking rebuilding and trying to position themselves to draft a top-flite QB in the 2020 draft. They brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick and tanking rebuilding talk got even more revved up. But, fate in its infinite wisdom dropped Josh Rosen in the team’s lap and the idea of flat out gunning for a top draft pick in next year’s draft sort of muddied. If the team likes Rosen, then you don’t need to draft a QB in the 1st round. If he stinks up the joint, then you can still do that. I don’t think we’ll see what this team thinks of next in terms of the draft until about week 12 or so. Either, they’ll be going for a playoff spot, or they take their foot off the gas and let this team do what it’s designed to do.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- I’ll lead out with Fitz because I think he’ll be the guy who will be starting against Baltimore in week one. I don’t think he should because if you trade a second round pick for Josh Rosen then you might as well see what he has for an entire season so you could find out everything you need to know. Why give him 10 games when you can give him 16? With Fitzpatrick, you know what you’re getting. You’re getting a guy that is the equivalent of a roller coaster where he’ll be on top of the world and have moments where he’s plummeting back towards Earth. He’ll be a great addition to the locker room and will work well with the the younger guys. But, we obviously know he’s not the future. I think we all know how this is going to play out and that’s that Fitzpatrick starts the year, looks pretty good, then looks looks awful and Rosen gets the ball.

Josh Rosen- This guy was a coveted QB from last year’s draft. But, Gase and company didn’t want to do what was necessary to go up and get him. But, since the new Dolphin’s brass are a million times more savvy than previous ones, they were able to fleece the Cardinals and only give up a second rounder for a top 10 QB from only a year ago. Rosen played in 14 games last year and put up a dreadful 11/14 TD/INT ratio. Those are throw up all over yourself type numbers. There are plenty of reasons of you can say why he did so bad stemming from the worst offensive line in the league to having a bottom five receiving core to throw too, yes I know the great Larry Fitzgerald was there, but come on.

We don’t know much about Rosen. We know he was picked high and traded once Kingsbury got there and wanted Kyler Murray the whole time. We saw him get thrown around time after time last year, and we also some nice things as well. You look at all that and you should come to the conclusion that we don’t know at all how he’s going to pan out.

Get ready to hear about how Fitzpatrick is picking up the offense better than Rosen and that he knows how to galvanize the locker room. You’ll also hear that Rosen is doing some nice things as well but he’s still learning, but he throws a really nice ball. All that leads to Ryan Fitzpatrick being your opening day starter.

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