Steelers Win on Gutsy Final Run Play

The Pittsburgh Steelers escaped Monday Night Football with a huge 24-20 win over the San Diego Chargers. With a little over two minutes remaining, the Steelers trailed by a field goal. A couple of clutch plays by Michael Vick put the team at the one-yard line with five seconds remaining.

The smart play everyone expected was a QB sneak that would give Pittsburgh enough time to use their final timeout if stopped by the San Diego defense and kick a field goal to tie it up in hopes of overtime. Instead, the Steelers made the ballsy play to run the ball with Le’Veon Bell and it paid off.

If Bell was stopped, the clock would have run out before Pittsburgh could call their timeout and Mike Tomlin would be destroyed on every sports program. Luckily for the entire Steelers team, Bell scored and gave them the massive victory. That’s why he’s regarded as the best running back in the league.

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