Draymond Attempts to Troll Cavs with “Quickie” Parade Shirt, Gets Roasted by LeBron 

The 2017 Finals champs took to the streets today for their title parade. The Warriors, always keen to let everyone know how everything gets to them, apparently remembered the subtle troll job by LeBron upon arriving in Cleveland after winning last year’s Finals.

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To the victor goes the spoils, and this time, Draymond Green returned the favor with his own troll job, although this one probably needs some sort of explanation.

The Cavs play their homes game in The Q, formally known as Quicken Loans Arena. Apparently, Green was making light of how short the series was and thus it was a “quickie?”

Clever, Draymond.

LeBron, he of the freshly shaved dome, wasted no time in firing back at his nemesis buddy frenemy or whatever these two are to each other.

As great as the LeBron response is, this Twitter guy noticed how amazing the likes were.

Next years Finals can’t come soon enough. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the preview on Christmas Day.

Let’s just hope we make it through an off season without Draymond Snapchatting his dick to everyone.

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