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Lebron Plagiarizes Aaron Rodgers, Tells Everyone to Relax

Don’t think three losses in four games is what LeBron meant when he talked about the new Big 3 in Cleveland. It’s been a rocky start for James, Love and Irving and according to sources, things got a especially heated after their blowout loss to the TrailBlazers.

To quiet the storm, LeBron stole a line from Aaron Rodgers who was facing similar heat earlier this season:

Maybe Kyrie and LeBron should consider couples counseling instead? Seems like Irving still wants to be top dog in Cleveland — no assists for your point guard… can’t win like that.

Cavs fans will point out that the Heat started their Big 3 era with a 9-8 record… but the Heat also had a championship pedigree with Dwayne Wade as well as Pat Reilly calling the shots. Maybe Cleveland fans shouldnt have been planning their championship parade back in August.




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