LeBron James Honors Special Olympian Mid-Game

During Tuesday’s matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics at the TD Garden, 16-year-old Special Olympian Aaron Miller was honored during the halftime show for winning the MVP award at a recent event.

Shortly afterwards NBA phenome LeBron James, who knows a thing or two about winning MVP’s, took a moment of his time to personally congratulate the athlete on his recent accomplishments. Simply put, real recognize real.

LeBron, being the caring individual we have all grown to love throughout the years, felt a mere congratulations wasn’t enough for such a courageous athlete.

LeBron discussed his gesture in further detail following the game.

There is something wrong with you as a person if you detest a man who shows this much compassion towards others.

If you wish to know more about Aaron Miller, click the link below to read Aaron’s remarkable story published by the Boston Herald.


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