LeBron and Lakers Clear Favorites to Take Home NBA Title

After the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James took his time to address the internet on his feelings and emotions of the untimely death via Instagram. It couldn’t have been easy to craft a small tribute to the Black Mamba, as the future hall of Famer had just passed Kobe to claim the 3rd spot in total career points the night before the horrific news of his friend’s passing. The two GOAT candidates shared many memorable moments during their time playing together, as LeBron now carries on the Mamba Mentality in LA, driven to continue a legacy in the house built by Kobe.

The intense drive that fuels LeBron now in 2020 has been noticed by oddsmakers. Does anyone really think that LeBron won’t will a title into existence this year in the purple and gold? Those making wagers are smartly putting their stack on the King.

From the very start of the season until extremely recently, the Lakers and Clippers topped the 2020 NBA title odds, both sitting around +275 to +300. If you are based in the US and looking for an online betting site that’s secure where you can wager on these NBA odds, SBD have you covered. The Lakers have now created some separation in these odds, improving to +217, while the oft-injured and internally fractious Clippers have fallen to +333. Not only is that a distant second to the Lakers, it also trails Milwaukee at +325

Will the Lakers win one for Kobe? You better believe it. And if they don’t, it won’t be for a lack of trying by the greatest basketball player today, LeBron James.

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