LaVar Ball Claims Racist Comments “Weren’t Racial”

Dipshit and all around embarrassment LaVar Ball dug himself in deeper this afternoon by going on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney in an attempt to clarify his racist comments about his son Lonzo’s white teammates.

Thursday Ball told The Orange County Register:

“You can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow.”

In case you weren’t convinced LaVar Ball is an absolute and utter fucking moron, here’s his attempt to explain those comments.

“I’m just stating a fact.”

We’re not off to the best start here. Is the fact that you can’t win an NCAA championship with three white guys, or that white guys’ foot speed is too slow? It’s not wise to claim your racial stereotype is a fact when you’re trying to save some face .

“Here’s the thing. People keep thinking that I blame the white guys.”

People think that because LaVar said “you can’t win no championship with three white guys.”

“No, no. Every time we lose, I only blame one person – and that’s my son. I don’t blame anybody (else).”

Apparently, his son is “three white guys”?

“But I said prove me wrong that you can’t win nowadays with three white guys on the floor at the same time.”

Challenge accepted.

Back to LaVar…

“I’m not saying I don’t like white people and white people can’t win or nothing like that.”

Considering Ball is married to a white woman and his sons are biracial, that’s a big relief.

But here’s the doozy!

“It’s not racial. I can’t be racial.”

Folks, despite Balls racist comments, he’s not racist because he’s telling you he can’t be racial!

Damn, if only Donald Sterling had known he could simply claim he’s not racist in the face of all his racist comments, he’d still own the Clippers!

Not only is Ball now into spouting racial stereotypes, he’s doubling down on the comments. At this rate, he’ll have his own hot take show on ESPN in no time!


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