LaDainian Tomlinson Thinks Cowboys Are Purposely Limiting Zeke To Help Dak Prescott Win MVP (VIDEO)

For the second straight game, Ezekiel Elliott was held to under 50 yards rushing, but this time around, the team won without major production from him.

Long gone are the days that the Cowboys needing Zeke to go off to be successful, because he isn’t the engine that makes their offense go anymore. That was proved on Sunday when Dallas threw the ball 46 times and ran it just 24 times, with six of those coming from Dak Prescott. Of the Cowboys’ 509 total yards, Prescott accounted for 444 through the air, while Zeke poured in just 45 yards rushing on 16 attempts.

LaDainian Tomlinson confidently believes the team is sacrificing Zeke’s gone to tilt the figurative field in Dak’s direction. The hall of fame RB presented his theory on Monday’s episode of Undisputed.

“When you have a young QB and offensive coordinator, you’re going to try to uplift that QB to be in the MVP race. So, naturally you’re not going to run the ball as much.”

Prescott is on pace to throw for 5,154 yards this season.

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