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Kyrie Irving to Start Over Derrick Rose

Coach K announced today that Kyrie Irving will get the nod over Derrick Rose in Team USA’s final tune up game before the “World’s Most Pointless Basketball Tournament” aka the FIBA World Cup.

After spending the entire summer touting how great Rose has been in his return, this comes as a bit of shock. Everything that has come out of Team USAs camp this summer  is that Rose has been the best player. So was that complete bull shit? Probably.

Any Derrick Rose news is GREAT news for ESPN so they have been turning every sound byte into a full blown headline since June.

Does it really matter that Rose isn’t starting? Probably not.

At the end of the day, this hopefully means he’ll see less playing time. It’s not a good sign for Bulls fans that every time Rose touches the ball we hold our collective breath. Two major knee surgeries will do that, so the less time we see him on the court playing meaningless games in Spain the better off we are — lets save the cardiac arrests for the regular season.

If Kyrie wants to expose himself to injury playing some overzealous Finn, that’s fine with me. Long story short, WHY THE F*CK IS TEAM USA PLAYING IN THIS TOURNAMENT?

Do we really need to prove to the world we have the best players in the world? Can’t we just put together a roster of college all-stars to take on fill-in-the-blank former Soviet Bloc country?

The NBA already lost Paul George for the season. No need to risk another star just to rub it in the face of Europe that we have the world’s best athletes. Worst case scenario — we get upset by Lithuania and we use the excuse that LeBron James and Kevin Durant weren’t playing.



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