Kyrie Irving Fires Agent, Signs with Roc Nation

What does this mean for Kyrie’s free-agency?

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Tweet Courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski

Yikes. If this whole free-agency talk with Kyrie doesn’t send a dagger through the hearts of every Boston fan in the world I don’t know what does (good, I hate Boston fans). When this did this Woj Bomb come out? On the brink of getting absolutely embarrassed on national TV by the St. Louis Bruins and losing the Stanley Cup Final. You just hate to see that.

From what I’m hearing from a lot of Boston fans when this tweet came out they were assuming Kyrie would sign with someone along the lines of Rich Paul from Klutch Sports. But no, in the end, Kyrie signs with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. Oh, Jay-Z? Do you mean life-long Nets fan, Brooklyn native, and former part owner for the Brooklyn Nets? I’m not going to beat around the bush, Kyrie is 100% becoming a Brooklyn Net. That’s a Jiggy-Guarantee for you right there.

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Maybe this is all nothing and Kyrie just wanted a different agent. Tired of the old girlfriend and wanted a hot new one. I get it. Or, maybe this is Kyrie unofficially announcing that he will, in fact, be a Brooklyn Net next year and commit career suicide. Who knows, I mean he does believe the earth is flat.

Thoughts and Prayers to Boston fans as they go through this tough time of not having a parade.

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Cheers, Jiggy

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