What’s Next For Kyler Murray?

Now that the combine and pro day are in the past, what’s next for QB Kyler Murray?

Kyler Murray. You know the name. Murray is the 2018 Heisman winning quarterback from the University of Oklahoma. There were a magnitude of questions surrounding the former Heisman trophy winner, ranging from questions about his size, to whether he would even play football professionally.

Thankfully, just about all of those questions have now been answered.

The most important answer we’ve been given is if Murray would choose to enter the NFL Draft, or would he continue his career as a member of the Athletics, where he was selected in the MLB draft with the 9th overall selection? Murray tweeted out on Jan. 14 that he would be declaring for the NFL Draft, later confirming on Feb. 11 that he will be putting all his focus into being an NFL quarterback. This was by far the most important question to answer. If Murray wasn’t committing to football, well, I wouldn’t be here writing this article for you all. Even still, Murray had many more questions that would need to be answered before the Arizona Cardinals were on the clock.

One of the other big questions for Murray was his size. Obviously, the stigma that NFL quarterbacks need to be 6-foot-2 and above in order to succeed is slowly starting to fade away (See Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees) yet scouts were always concerned with the size of Murray. Kyler has been listed anywhere from 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-11 and, while that may not seem like a big difference, it can be the difference between being selected no. 1 overall and slipping into the second round of the draft. Finally, we have an answer to the age old question: How freaking tall is Kyler Murray?!

Murray was not measured at his Pro Day but he was measured at the combine, where he came in at 5-foot-10 and 1/8’s inches. Also at the combine, Murray weighed in at a surprising 207 pounds. Murray followed this up by weighing in again at the Oklahoma Pro Day coming in at 205 pounds. Comparing this to other quarterbacks such as Baker Mayfield (6-foot-1 and 209 pounds), Russell Wilson (5-foot-11 and 206 pounds) and Drew Brees (6 foot and 209 pounds), these numbers bode very well for Murray. Questions regarding his size, durability, and his ability to maintain an NFL career can be thrown out the window.

Murray has shown some amazing traits during his career. He has shown an incredibly talented arm with the ability to put touch on his passes and put the ball where only his receivers are able to get it. During his final year at Oklahoma, he posted some great numbers, throwing for 4,361 yards, 42 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions.

Oh, and did we mention he is extremely athletic?

In addition to his great passing statistics, Murray also ran the ball for a total of 1,001 rushing yards and adding 12 touchdowns on the ground, all of this bringing him the Heisman trophy for the 2018 season. The only question left is… where does he get drafted?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know there is enough smoke to make people believe there is a forest fire when it comes to talk of the Cardinals selecting Kyler Murray with the first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. To be completely honest; it makes sense. Kliff Kingsbury is on record stating that he loves Murray. Actually, Kingsbury back in 2018 went as far as saying he would draft  Murray no. 1 overall in the NFL Draft.

Well, here we are.

Kingsbury is now the head coach of Arizona, they have the number one pick in the draft and, oh, there’s Kyler Murray staring them in the face. Murray fits the type of offense Kliff wants to run in Arizona, whereas second year quarterback Josh Rosen does not excel in the same type of offense.

Sure, the Cardinals could make the “smart” decision and draft Nick Bosa with the first pick to pair with Chandler Jones and wreak havoc on just about any offensive line they come across. But heres the thing: if Kingsbury says that Murray is his guy… then you have to go get him. It’s not often that you’re sitting in the #1 overall spot in the NFL Draft (well, at least you HOPE it’s not a common occurrence) with a quarterback such a Kyler Murray staring at you, ready to light your offense on fire. Sure, they drafted Josh Rosen last year with the 10th overall pick, but he wasn’t Kingsbury’s choice. If Murray is who he wants, Murray is who he should get. And if that happens, make sure you’re wearing your seat belts because this draft is going to be a fun one.

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