Knicks Attempting to Unload Carmelo Anthony to Houston in 4 Team Trade

Carmelo Anthony’s time in New York appears near its end. The Carmelo to Houston rumors have now spiraled into full fledged trade scenarios between 4 NBA teams. 

Per Woj:

While the blockbuster trade will most likely net very little for New York, Houston will be landing their own big 3 in Chris Paul, Harden and Melo…a team that could potentially make a run in the West.

To snag Carmelo, Houston will need to part ways with Ryan Anderson or Eric Gordon, both on expensive contracts that Houston would love to see out the front door. 

While no deal has been accepted, look for a 4 team trade in the near future that lands Carmelo in the West…and LeBron James as the only star remaining in the East. 

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1 Comment

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