Kings’ Nik Stauskas Offers Up His Girl to High Schooler For Prom

Today on Twitter, Nik Stauskas was asked to prom by one of his twitter followers. Stauskas, 21, could technically be dating an 18 year old…so the whole “it’s super cute for a pro athlete to head to prom with a fan” doesn’t really apply. And a one night stand in some random high schooler’s parent’s basement is probably a bad look.

However, a bold twitter follower took a different approach, mustering up his internet courage and asking out Stauskas’ girlfriend to prom.

Taylor Anderson, Stauskas’ girl, was on board with the twitter contest. Although she probably didn’t realize it would only take 2 hours to get 10k retweets on Twitter. The fan, Jaime Guerra, scored a smoking hot date to prom that he will be talking about for years to come.

And then the buzz kill. She’s bringing her boyfriend. What, did you really think Nik was going to pass off his lady to an internet stranger? Luckily for this Detroit fan, bringing Stauskas to prom is a much bigger deal than a hot chick. Win win, Jaime…win win.

And now, the reason you clicked…pictures of Stauskas’ girl.







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