Kendrick Perkins Sheds Some Light on LeBron/Melo

Perk doing what Perk does

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Kendrick Perkins is an absolute gem. Whether he’s on your team riding the bench and coming off strictly to take part in bench-clearing brawls, or on twitter airing out some dirty laundry, he is an electric factory. Following Perk on twitter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and the fact that he shed some light on a situation most of us thought to be true made it all worth it.

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Everyone in Cleveland heard of the potential rumors of Melo joining the Cavs during LeBron’s era, and the feelings from fans were very mixed. Some loved it, some hated it. But what nobody ever truly knew was if LeBron and the Cavs ever made an effort to make it happen. Until today.

Earlier this week, Royce White called out LeBron James for not getting Melo onto the Lakers, but according to Perkins, this is something that has happened before. If Perkins says he was there to witness this and if we did the math, carried the one, and rounded up, we can pinpoint that James tried to get Melo onto the Cavs in the 2014-15 season. Or, it could have been when Perkins joined the Cavs coaching staff in 2017-18. Well, when you look at the two, there is a giant difference regarding what type of Melo you’d be getting.

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If it’s 2014-15 Melo, you’re going to get an All-Star with two years remaining on his contract. However, that’s a pretty big price and if they did so would the Cavs still have the assets to trade for Kevin Love? Would a Cavs team with Melo in place of Love win more championships? I kind of doubt it but we’ll never know. It also makes you think, if James had one of his best buddies (Melo) on the team, would he have left for Los Angeles? Would Kyrie have left for Boston? How many, if any, championships would this team have won? I guess we’ll never know.

Ultimately, I am very happy we avoided Melo. Sure, back then it was a sexy move. He was an All-Star, James’ best friend, and a scorer through and through. But landing Love and going on the run we did may never happen again for the Cavs and I’m glad it happened the way it did. Good on the Cavs organization to tell GM James “no”.

The main point of this article? Go follow Perkins on Twitter because he simply doesn’t give a crap about who he upsets and will drop some juice knowledge from time to time. I promise, he won’t disappoint.

Cheers, Jiggy

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