Just so We’re Clear, the Chiefs are Not Going to Trade for Anyone’s QB Because That’s Not how it Works

The Chiefs will not trade for a QB

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I just need to get this important message out there because there are loads of Twitter folks trying to be armchair GM(sort of like I am right now, but don’t focus on that) and figure out which QB on another team will the Chiefs look to bring in to man the ship while Patrick Mahomes is out. The latest is that Mahomes will be out for at least three weeks.

It all comes down to the MRI and if there’s any ligament damage, Mahomes and the Chiefs are in serious trouble. If there’s no ligament damamge, then he’s out for three weeks and then they have a bye in four weeks. They can handle that.

The guy they will be turning the ball to is former Miami Dolphin’s QB Matt Moore. Let me say that there are worst QBs to hand the ball over too and ask to not screw up a team that has a great offense. Matt Moore isn’t going to put up the Madden 04 numbers, but if he gets protection he can certainly find open receivers. At times, he can put the ball in bad situations, but he did that on a Miami team that wasn’t very good. With Andy Reid, Moore should understand that he doesn’t have to force the issue. Let the offense do its thing and simply possess the ball a little longer than the Chiefs have been doing. Actually, this sort of could work out for the Chiefs. It gives them an opportunity to work on the running game a bit more. I know that sounds stupid because Mahomes is electric, but getting the running game on-point for the playoff stretch is important.

So let it be said, the Chiefs will not be trading for Marcus Mariotta, Ryan Tannehill, Josh Rosen, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Case Keenum, and will definitely not sign Colin Kaepernick. Why? Because the NFL doesn’t work like that. I realize that NFL trades are all the rage in today’s NFL, but trading for a QB in the middle of a season in the attempt to win a championship is not something a team will try and do. They’ll bring someone in to backup Matt Moore, but they aren’t going to trade picks to bring in a guy who has no idea how that offense works when they’ve had a guy who has been in that system for the year. In the words of Dick Vermeil; we will rally behind Kurt Warner Matt Moore and they will, probably, play good football.

By the Way- I can’t wait for Matt Moore to play well and all the Dolphin’s fans start saying “see, I told you this guy was good.” That’ll be fun

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