Julian Edelman Rocks Offensive Tupac Shirt on NBC Nightly News

If you were tuned into the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last evening, you’d have caught a piece on Deflategate in which reporters sought a response from Patriot’s receiver Julian Edelman.

Pretty blase, unless of course, you happened to notice the conspicuous as fuck double birds Tupac is unleashing on his “Trust Nobody” tee.

You have to wonder what’s going on in the editing department that this would be allowed to slip through the cracks and make an appearance as the stoic Williams is delivering a segment.

Fox Sports shows Edelman’s reaction when he realizes he’s inadvertently rocking a double fuck you tee in front of the media.

NBC caught on to the slip up, and Williams issued a quick apology on air in the next segment.  The media giant also dropped a Tweet acknowledging it as well.

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