Jon Gruden Open to Coaching New York Giants if Eli Manning Returns

New York Giants fans are smiling on this fine Tuesday afternoon, and with good reason. Ben McAdoo is out, (as is the GM) and the future looks much brighter without the dysfunctional duo at the helm.

But when Jon Gruden’s name surfaces as a slight possibility to replace McAdoo, well that smile turns into a full blown drool.

Last night, Gruden’s co-host in the booth Sean McDonough asked Gruden if he would be interested in the opportunity. Initially, Gruden told Sean and the rest of America, “don’t believe everything you hear or read”.

Yet when asked to take the over under at 35:1 that he would be coaching the Giants next year, Gruden responded with an interesting remark.

“I’ll take the under on that if Eli Manning comes back”

No insight into how much further down the odds line Gruden would be willing to take the under, but the match would make sense. Gruden isn’t going to a franchise without an established QB. If he makes his glorious return, it’s to a veteran squad who can win now. And with Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and a top pick, he’d have an opportunity for immediate success.

Will Gruden coach the New York Giants? To reference Lloyd Christmas…he’s saying there’s a chance.

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