Johnny Manziel Involved in 20 Person Fight in Downtown Cleveland

Per Cleveland Scene:

“An eager Cleveland Browns fan sparked a massive fight at The 9 when he approached Johnny Manziel and his “entourage” late Friday night, according to a police report obtained today by Scene.”

The police report involves 33 year old Sandusky, OH resident Chris Gonos, who apparently spotted Manziel in a downtown elevator, and eagerly approached him.

Per the report:

“I’m the biggest Browns fan ever. I love you. I want to give you a hug”.


Gronos approached Manziel, then was met with a swift punch to the face. Manziel’s entourage alledgedly attacked Gronos after he hit the ground, giving him a swollen lip and swollen right eye.

Per Gronos:

“It was going down, a whole bunch of people started fighting. It ended pretty quick. I got a bruised hip and a bruised elbow, and somebody hit me in the back of the head, too. My brother saw what was going on and he ran he tackled Johhny Manziel – I guess he got the sack and the fumble.”

“I know somebody else in the group smashed Johnny right in the face. Smashed him, smashed him. I watched the whole game to see if we could spot him on the sidelines.”

Interestingly enough, Johnny Manziel was not shown on the sidelines Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, which was incredibly strange for a CBS broadcast.

The 9, which was the location of the brawl and home to many Cleveland sports figures, has made no comment.

Brian Hoyer is looking pretty good now, right Browns fans?

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