Joel Embiid Chills in Crowd With Young Fan


Joel Embiid took some time last night in the midst of a dominant 132-115 victory over the Washington Wizards to sit with a young fan in the crowd and make this kids night/life.

Embiid while being the MVP off the court was no slouch on it, going for 20 pts, 10 rebs and 4 ast in just 24 minutes played.

But the main story here is that Embiid seems to love Philly and their fans and they certainly love him back. His outspoken and brash bravado jives perfectly with a city that loves their sports stars to have a little swag and confidence as long at they back it up. Embiid certainly backs it up.

This has nothing to do with confidence or swagger though, this is just Embiid being a solid dude that hasn’t become too big to do something special for a young fan. A moment this kid will never forget for the rest of his life.

I would say he’s got to be Philadelphia’s favorite son right now, but that title is probably reserved for the guy with the big dick that plays for the Eagles. But if Philadelphians judge their sports stars by endowment, than Embiid absolutely cannot be far behind.

In a little food for thought, this clip and the fact that Embiid is the most beloved out of the Sixers’ big 3, has to make you think that a guy like Ben Simmons may look to move elsewhere when his rookie deal is up. Simmons will never be the most loved guy on this team. Embiid will garner the majority of the credit if this team is successful in the near future because of that. Time will tell how that all plays out. But it wouldn’t shock me if Simmons, the guys who dates Kardashians, likes to be in LA, and is a Klutch Sports Group athlete, ends up elsewhere in the future.

One thing I have faith in though, Embiid is a Sixer for lyfe.


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