Joe Thomas Gives His Predictions for the Browns 2019 Season

Breaking down Joe Thomas’ season prediction for the Browns record.

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When Joe Thomas speaks, everyone listens, and that’s exactly what happened when Thomas gave his predictions for the Browns 2019 season.

Thomas was a tad bit more realistic with his predictions then we’ve seen from others, Greedy Williams and his Super Bowl prediction in particular, but overall his prediction is one of the more likely we’ve seen from the talking heads.

Thomas gave a very fair prediction when you consider all the factors in play with this upcoming season, from first time head coach Freddie Kitchens to all the new faces in the building from Odell Beckham Jr. to Sheldon Richardson.

Overall all of the losses he predicted are incredibly reasonable, outside of course of the Bills no clue what Joe is thinking with that one. However, the Rams, Seahawks, Patriots and Steelers will all be major tests to show if the Browns are contenders or pretenders.

Regardless of the record prediction that Thomas gave (10-6), the most important thing is that he’s talking playoffs for the Browns. If there is anyone who can see the culture change of the Browns as they look to flip the script, it’s Thomas.

10-6 may not be the sexiest prediction given the excitement revolving around the team, but the best record for the team in over a decade and a trip to the playoffs is something that nobody should be upset about.

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