Jets Star D’Brickashaw Ferguson Feels “Betrayed” By NFL After Concussion Movie

New York Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson stated he felt “betrayed” by the NFL after watching the Will Smith film Concussion. The Pro-Bowl star was not happy about the NFL and its doctors refusing to acknowledge the link between CTE and NFL players.

Ferguson said the following:

“Perhaps I was a little naïve in my understanding of how the brain is affected by hits to the head. As I understood it, concussions dealt with big collisions, typically occurring at the skill positions. After learning all of this, I feel a bit betrayed by the people or committees put in place by the league who did not have my best interests at heart.”

Ferguson also said it was “disheartening” to learn that one of the Jets doctors also misled him.

“Dr. Elliot Pellman was one of the Jets‘ team doctors when I was a rookie in 2006, and to learn that he was a part of the group that tried to discredit the scope and impact of brain injuries among players within the league is disheartening.”

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