Jared Dudley Calls Out Former 3rd Overall Pick, “He Never Took Showers”

Jared Dudley has yet to play a game for the Washington Wizards. Recovering from injuries, he’s been working on a radio talk show to keep him occupied. He has built a rather popular reputation over the sports airwaves. He called out Kobe earlier this summer when he went down the list of why star players don’t want to play for the Lakers.

Dudley is back in the news. This time for his response to ‘the worst dresser or most disgusting teammate from his career, and he immediately had an answer.’

“Adam Morrison. Remember Adam Morrison? He never took showers, he did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time, and he wore the same three polos the whole year. This is a guy who made a lot of money, too, at that time. He was the face of diabetes, he was doing everything, he was on the cover of college games, he was [everywhere], and he was by far the worst and [most] disgusting.”



Morrison was a stud muffin at Gonzaga, but after being drafted 3rd overall in 06′ by Charlotte…he sucked. Morrison ventured to a few different teams. He disappointed everywhere and everyone. Maybe his hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle caught up to him???

He DOES look fairly stinky…

Adam Morrison speaks to the press after he was chosen by the Charlotte Bobcats as the third overall pick of the 2006 NBA Draft Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at Madison Square Garden in New York.    (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

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