Jameis Winston Reaffirms What We Already Knew: He’s Not Funny

You tried to like Jameis Winston. His laid back attitude, his unique ability on the field…both great qualities. But then you witnessed his unbearable attempts at humor and realized, wow…this kid is really fucking annoying.


Pretends to drop National Championship trophy


This would have been funny if anyone else on the team had done it. But his annoying face ruined it.

Screaming “fuck her right in the pussy” months after it was funny.

This was funny.

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You screaming it in a dining hall, then probably doing that stupid fucking smile immediately after you said it…not funny bro. You’re not funny.

Jameis Winston has been suspended for the first half of the Clemson game for his recent attempt at humor. Flordia State isn’t laughing, and neither are we…because we don’t like you. You aren’t funny.

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