It Looks Like Johnny Manziel Won’t be Riding the Bench After All

This morning, Browns’ coach Mike Pettine appeared on SiriusXM NFL and dropped a bomb on everyone in regards to the regular season:

Is the rookie coach giving in to the media demand for Manziel? Maybe. Or maybe he is under the impression that Manziel can actually provide some value as a package player. Like Tim Tebow. Or Josh Cribbs on offense.

Coach Pettine on a 2 QB system for the regular season:

“We could potentially look at a 2 QB system down the road”

Slow down there, you Chip Kelly/Urban Meyer hybrid of a coach you. Let’s stick to focusing on the third preseason game.

Talk about a disaster in the waiting. If Manziel comes in and absolutely kills it for one play, the demand to start him grows, negatively impacting your starting QB, Brian Hoyer.  If he botches the one or two plays he gets per game, well let’s just say you aren’t feeding his confidence as an NFL QB.

Regardless, it appears that we are going to see some Manziel packages this fall.




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