College Football Playoff: Expansion Time?

As we come into what I call the bread and butter of College Football Bowl Season expanding the playoffs is a question that looms on everyone’s mind. Since the College Football Playoff came into existence there has constantly been a debate about who should be the top four to get in. Every time we are nitpicking every detail in order to differentiate each team and determine which team is better than the other. With that being said and without the head to head play can we determine one team far more superior than the other? Not every conference is built the same? One region has more dominant high school athletes? Without substantial evidence who are we to say this conference is far more superior than the other. Reputation has always been the path to the championship in College Football. Finally, we have the opportunity to get this right and enhance the brand of NCAA Football to a height it hasn’t been to.

As Big Ten Commissioner, Jim Delany, said “The Big Ten would be happy to discuss structure issues with colleagues. It’s probably a good idea, given all of the conversations and noise around the issue, to have discussions with our colleagues.” Of course, this comes now after the third straight year the Big Ten has been left out to the College Football Invitational.

Expanding the teams to eight teams is the only logical way to do it. Plain and simple. All Power 5 Conference champions and three at-large bids. Get rid of divisions in conferences in order to establish the true best conference team gets into the playoff. For instance, in the Big Ten Conference Championship, the game would’ve consisted of a rematch between Ohio State and Michigan for the title. Another dominant win over the Wolverines might’ve even propelled the Buckeyes into Final Four this coming year. The contract with the playoff committee in 2020 and this is graphic displays the changes I am hoping and praying for.

Imaging this playoff scenario while watching the Bowl Season currently, makes me feel like a kid on Christmas except I will have to go through another 365 days having this scenario on my wish list. The brand of College Football would move right alongside the throne of the NFL. Scouts will have the opportunity to see NFL caliber players in pressure situations. Southern athletes and conferences will be able to play games in the dead of winter. We will be able to crown a true National Champion for the first time since College Football’s existence. Human nature strives off competition and the public has been denied since the entirety of its existence. The NFL needs to adopt College Football’s overtime rule and the NCAA needs to adopt the NFL playoff format except enhance it.

With Notre Dame being a team that has made its name off success and of course not being actively in a conference has lobbied to move to an 8- team playoff, head coach Brian Kelly stated to the Athletic, “If there’s going to be expansion of any kind, we would prefer that to include eight. That gives the Power 5 their champions and opens up more opportunities for at-large. Can you open the field to more teams is really the question.”

For many, I sound like a disgruntled Buckeye fan, but in reality, with the format, the way it is the 29-point loss doesn’t sit well with me. This is about moving forward and turning a historic towering mountain called College Football into a volcano erupting with games that people revolve their lives around for three straight weeks. So yes, you can open the field for more teams because it equates to more entertainment, more competition, more ratings, more advertisements/endorsements, and yes more money.

It’s your move committee.

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