Indians to Play Double-Header Today Against The Braves

The Cleveland Indians had to postpone last night’s 7:10 pm matchup against the Atlanta Braves and instead are set to play a double header today in Cleveland.

Photo Courtesy of Lets Go Tribe

The Cleveland Indians had to postpone last night’s 7:10 pm matchup against the Atlanta Braves because Ohio weather has dementia and forgot that it was sunny and 80 degrees the day before.

Instead, it rained for roughly 24 hours straight and kept the temperature at a cool but reasonable 37 degrees (Fahrenheit, screw the metric system). In place of last night’s game, they are going to play a double-header today in Cleveland with Kluber taking Game 1 at 4:10 pm and Bauer taking the mound for Game 2 at…well, whenever the Indians get done dominating the Braves.

Some people may complain and groan about this, but I for one love double-header baseball. You get the beer, peanuts, left-over Two-Bucks wings from the night before out, you plop your hungover ass down on the couch and turn on Sports Time Ohio for some afternoon baseball.

All is well, the Indians are dominating, Kluber reminds us that we’re stupid and we should’ve never doubted him, blah blah blah, you know the story. The Indians win, all is great, “yay!” someone shouts… but wait… there’s more baseball? I get the chance to watch TWO baseball games and not do anything but watch the best sport on planet Earth for the next three or so hours?! SIGN. ME. UP!

This is usually the point where my girlfriend gets pissed and say something along the lines of, “I love baseball and all but it’s all you watch!” Yeah, you may be right babe, but Frankie Lindor may come back today, and Kluber will probably pitch an amazing game, and Jose could wake up from hibernation at ANY moment and I just cannot miss those moments!

Photo Courtesy of Lets Go Tribe

Inject double-header baseball directly into my dehydrated veins. I cannot get enough! Here’s to hoping the Tribe absolutely WALLY WOMP the Atlanta “Sits While They Pee” Braves today.

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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