Indians Have Their Mid-Season MVP and You’ll Never Guess Who It Is

Who do the fans think is the mid-season MVP for the Tribe?

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At this point in every season, we Indians fans come to the point where we start thinking, “who is the MVP of this season so far?” Many people can sit and argue with me, saying things like, “Jiggy, this is a no brainer, it’s obviously Carlos Santana,” or, “Jiggy, what are we even talking about here? It’s 100%, Trevor Bauer. Hands down. No ifs, ands, or buts,” or my personal favorite, “Jiggy, stop beating around the bush, the MVP so far this season has been Eric Stamets. I can’t even believe we sent him down. The kid produces over and over again.”

I won’t hear any more of this tomfoolery. I just won’t. These are great names to consider, but I won’t stand for this sort of malarkey. The “real” Tribe fans know exactly who I’m talking about. I’m talking about a man who sparks smiles and conversation every time he steps foot in Progressive Field. A man whose performance inside the ballpark has made more money for the city of Cleveland than anyone ever before. A man that we need but don’t deserve. I’m talking about…

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“Not the mailman! Not the taxman! Not the gasman! The beer guy!”

I’m talking about Les Flake, the Cleveland Beer Guy. Through ups and down, terrible seasons and great seasons, walk-off wins, and absolute blowouts, Les has walked up and down every section at Progressive Field to warm the hearts and cool down every fan he comes in contact with. I can’t tell you how many text messages and videos I receive from friends and family at Indians games, Browns games, Cavs games, Blossom Music Center, etc. of Les making himself known and selling tall-boy after tall-boy to those who know him simply as “the beer guy.”

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Why is Les the MVP? Well, let me explain some math to you.

On average, every weekend game the beer vendors in the park sell roughly 8,300 cans of beer, and every weekday game they sell roughly 1,125 (statistics courtesy of Those averages, multiplied by the average $8.00 beer at Progressive Field (highway robbery) equate to roughly $66,420 on weekends and $9,000 on weekdays (I know these aren’t exact values for those of you that tried to double-check my math, work with me).

Now, this may be far-fetched but based on how popular Les is with the fans and how much people try to wait to buy beer just from him, I would go out on a limb and say that Les accounts for roughly 20% of the beer totals strictly from vendors. That’s a whopping $13,284/game (weekends) and $1,800/game (weekdays) that Les generates for this team. And, Les has worked every home game that I’ve ever been to, so if we take the average of those two averages ((13,284 + 1,800)/2 = 7540) and multiply it by 81 home games, that equates to roughly $610,740/season (give or take a few).

Les is the not just the MVP for how much money he brings in, but also because he is consistently busting his ass to bring Clevelanders their favorite beverages (beer) and has done so since 1974.

He doesn’t complain about the weather (in fact, he likes it), he doesn’t complain about the teams sucking for the majority of the time he’s worked for Cleveland sports teams, and he certainly doesn’t complain about the four hours of walking and carrying 40+ lbs of extra weight with him around (unlike many dead-beat kids I went to high school with). No, instead, he wakes up every day, reads a good book, and goes to work. Whether you see Les at a concert while seeing your favorite band, or at a game seeing your favorite team, he will always be there, day in and day out, offering you a cold one…for $8.00.

No matter where he goes he has the best work ethic and attitude around. That, my friends, is why Les “The Beer Guy” Flake is the fan-voted, Cleveland Indians mid-season MVP.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and why!

As always, I hope you enjoyed the article, and I hope you get to sit back, have a beer, and relax.

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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