In Obvious News, Kenyan Drake is on the Trading Block

Kenyan Drake is on the trading block

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sports

I can’t see this is any sort of a surprise because I’ve been saying this was going to happen ever since the Dolphins got rid of Tunsil. Also, I’m not saying this makes me a poor man’s Nostradamus, just pointing out that I knew, eventually, the Dolphins would look to move Kenyan Drake because there was no way they would want to resign him to a long-term deal next year.

Of course, Drake would welcome the opportunity. Why the hell wouldn’t he? We know he was one of the guys being vocal about wanting out of Miami after they got blown out by Baltimore after week one. So naturally, the team was going to look to move him when the time was right.

I wouldn’t expect a big haul back for Drake. I think he’s very talented and will help whatever team acquires him, but he’s a running back that doesn’t have many stats to back him up. Miami will be lucky to get a 5th rounder for him.

Like all the others the Dolphins have parted ways, it’s important to remember the good times we had Kenyan Drake. That kick return a few years ago against the Jets. The final six weeks of the 2017 season where he led the league in rushing and everyone, including myself, thought he was going to be a dude the following year only for him not to get the touches because Adam Gase. All the times, including this year, where we were told by a coach that Drake was going to be more involved only for that to be major lie. That was always fun. I’m going to miss that. But ultimately, the #1 moment that Kenyan Drake ever delivered is the most obvious one.

Drake will be able to parlay this moment into autograph signings for years to come. Good for him.

By the Way- Pick up Mark Walton if you can in fantasy. He should be good for 8-9 points a week until he gets too good and gets replaced by Patrick Laird or someone else.

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