In Case You See Dan Snyder Make Sure You Call Him Mr. Snyder because if You don’t he Will Make Sure You Do

Whatever you do, don’t call Mr Snyder Dan Snyder

Photo Courtesy of NBC Washington

I need more weird stories of Dan Snyder Mr.Snyder to start coming out. We all know there are tons of them from all types of people who have been around him. I’m actually not sure why a treasure trove of stories doesn’t come pouring out every year around this time when the Redskins are free-falling. This one here isn’t a knock you out of your chair kind of story but it’s a great insight into one of the great self-mutilaters of our time.

I have no idea if this story is actually true, due to it happening to Andrew Brandt’s friend, but I’m 100% going to act like it is because I think we all know that Dan Snyder Mr. Snyder would absolutely insist on being called this at all times by anyone. I would imagine he even has his kids call him this just so that they understand that they’re dealing with a prestigious fella.

Here’s to more stories about Mr. Snyder coming out as Washington enters the lovely Bill Callahan era. I’d like to hear a take about Mr. Snyder cutting the line at an amusement park over and over again or him donating muffins to a homeless shelter without the tops of the muffins ala Elaine Benes. That be nice.

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