Images That Sum Up Johnny Manziel’s Start in the NFL

College isn’t a place to study defenses and stay in the pocket. It’s a place to showcase those elite college talents. And it appears those talents may be just that: college talents.

Let’s look at the images of the past few weeks for a summary of Johnny Football’s “humbling” beginning in the NFL.

Manziel Flips Off Redskins Bench

If you can’t handle a little shit talking in the NFL, then you probably aren’t ready to lead a team.

“I would have fucking hit him”

Get this kid a Snickers. When you know the media is watching you 24/7, stop talking to yourself. Nothing good will come of it. Especially when you’re talking shit about starting quarterback Brian Hoyer, who studied under Tom Brady. You could probably learn something.

The Bad Snap Dead Man Fumble

You don’t want to get up. We get that. But seriously get up. Your 4th string center hit you with a bad snap. It’s not the end of the world. Now is probably a good time to show you are a leader.

Johnny Hamstring Injury

It only took a handful of series to sideline Manziel. He got absolutely crushed.

Expect Brian Hoyer to sign in Cleveland long term this off season. Where else can he go to face weaker competition?

Johnny isn’t finished in Cleveland, or in the NFL. But he’s at least 5 good pictures away from showing that he belongs.

And, because why not:


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