I’m Not Sold on Daniel Jones

Has Daniel Jones done enough for people to say he’s the real deal?

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Listen folks, I’m from Cleveland. I have seen a lot of horrible football and even better yet, I’ve seen a ton of horrible quarterbacks. I’ve seen the most hype come for the worst of the worst and I can tell you right now I’m not sold on Daniel Jones.

So far in his first NFL preseason, Daniel Jones is 25-for-30 for 369 (nice?) yards and two touchdowns. If you’re a person with a brain and you look at that stat line you might be tempted to think,

“Jiggy, that’s a solid stat line. Why aren’t you sold on this kid? He’s going to be the next Joe Montana.”

If you look back on Browns quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III (RG3) who went 22-for-38 with a QB rating of 100.0, or Kevin Hogan who went 21-for-31 with three TDs, zero interceptions, and a QB rating of 126.9 (nice?), or even Josh McCown who went 29-for-38 with three TDs and a QB rating of 98.0, etc. you’ll see a ton of guys who impressed in the preseason but ultimately pooped the bed when it really mattered. I’m just not sold on the kid yet.

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I hope that Daniel Jones is the real deal, trust me, as funny as it is seeing Eli Manning throw interceptions like he’s Oprah giving out free prizes, it’s time for a QB change in New York. Truthfully, I thought they were going to take Dwayne Haskins with the sixth-overall pick but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

Jones has, however, shown some positives. He seems to have a strong arm and is willing to be confident in the pocket by attempting big plays. You saw it last night when he got nailed in the pocket and followed it up with a great deep ball. He’s doing well so far, don’t get me wrong, but are you ready to say he’s going to be your franchise guy? Because ultimately that’s the question you need to ask yourself every season. He has a lot of potential and certainly has a giant chip on his shoulder with the fact that everyone, including myself, has ruled him out.

A great preseason is a good start, but he’ll have to follow it up in the regular season (obviously). Should he start over Eli? I think so. Eli should only be there to provide some advice for the youngster. But does starting over Eli mean anything? No. Eli has been as bland as a church communion wafer for the past few years and New York has been begging for a replacement. Well, if you really want to see if he’s the replacement then you need to be all-in on the guy. You can’t keep Eli out there. Either Jones is your guy or he’s not and you need to gather around the draft table and figure something else out. I would hope the Giants make the right decision so that the world can see what this kid is really made of, and hopefully change my mind.

Cheers, Jiggy

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