If You Thought About Stepping to James Dolan’s Son, Don’t Do That

A little PSA on a Thursday afternoon; if you were planning on taking out your New York Knicks frustration on James Dolan’s son, do something else, anything else.

I guess it makes sense if you’re Quentin Dolan to be absolutely yoked out of your mind. You’re the heir to the riches to all of James Dolan’s fortune, which include the New York Knicks. This is a team that has its fan base in a foul mood at all moments of their lives, so you never know when one of them might want to get in your face. Hopefully, this blog reaches them and they think twice or however many times it takes not to make a life-ending decision.

I wonder if Quentin here thinks his dad is doing a great job with how he runs the team? Does he ever just say to him “you know Dad if you want to try and pursue the really good players in the league to finally pull this team out of the cellar, that might not be such a bad thing.” Naw, I can’t see that ever happening.

By The Way- I can’t imagine being that big. How do you wear normal clothes? Is walking very uncomfortable because it looks tough. Thank God/Universe that I was blessed with my 5’6 and a strong half Geroge Costanza type body so that I’ll never have to find out for myself.

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