If Dave Gettleman Stays in New York, is a Reunion with Ron Rivera Possible?

On Tuesday afternoon the Carolina Panthers fired long-time head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera compiled a 76 – 63 – 1 record and was awarded Coach of the Year honors twice in his career. He worked alongside current New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman in Carolina from 2013 – 2017, so assuming that Gettleman is retained by the Giants (which at the moment is a big “if”), would the Giants make a move for Rivera to be their next head coach?

The Giants are a talented team and much better than their record would indicate, however, their record is abysmal and big changes are needed. A defensive-minded head coach, like Rivera, might be exactly what the Giants need after the last two seasons under Pat Shurmur.

As a seasoned head coach, Rivera has worked with a plethora of coaches including current Giants offensive coordinator Mike Shula. Many Giants fans have been fed up with Shurmur and his reluctance to allow Shula to call the plays, so if Rivera comes in and keeps Shula, Giants fans will get what they want. Additionally, it is beneficial for the growth of quarterback Daniel Jones to have a coach like Shula stay as opposed to changing everything up.

If Rivera joins the Giants but doesn’t keep Shula, there are other offensive coaches that Rivera could bring in that he has worked with before including Norv Turner, Scott Turner, Ken Dorsey and Rob Chudzinski. Norv Turner has a long history of building young quarterbacks up like Troy Aikman, Phillip Rivers and Kyle Allen. His son Scott is one of the young names being bandied about as possible head coach material. Dorsey is currently working in Buffalo as the quarterback coach where Josh Allen has excelled this season. Finally, Chudzinski’s last job was with the Indianapolis Colts from 2014 – 2017 and was Rivera’s offensive coordinator in his first few seasons in Carolina.

One last thing to point out in favor of Rivera coming to the Giants. When he was the linebackers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 – 2003, Rivera lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, a nice neighborhood about an hour away from MetLife Stadium.

Will this move happen? Will Gettleman be here to get the chance to make it happen? Does Rivera even want to coach in New York? Only time will tell, but it is a move that Giants fans should welcome.

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