HS Player Rips Off Opponent’s Helmet Then Smashes His Face With It

During a New Jersey high school football game on Friday night, a Linden High School defensive lineman ripped off an offensive lineman on opponent Immaculata High School, and used it as a weapon.

While a flag was thrown on the play, #1 was not ejected, as the official claims he didn’t witness the hit. You have to wonder why the hell a flag was thrown if the helmet bash was not witnessed.

The offensive lineman was taken to the hospital where he received 10 stitches.  Immaculate would go on to win 26 – 6.

Linden school officials announced the helmet swinger is suspended for the next two days, along with 10 days of school.

He may find himself in additional trouble, as Linden police Capt. James Sarnicki said the department’s juvenile bureau launched an investigation to determine whether or not criminal charges would be filed.

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