Highest Rated QB/WR Duos in Madden 20

Julian Edelman Tom Brady New England Patriots

Which QB/WR duo will be the most fun to use in Madden 20?

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The wait is finally over. EA Sports has officially released ratings for every NFL player in Madden 20. Only four players were inducted into this year’s “99 Club” with a perfect rating, with DeAndre Hopkins being the only offensive player in the exclusive squad. However, because of Deshaun Watson’s 82 rating (which is far too low), the highlight-reel duo doesn’t even crack the top-five on the highest-rated quarterback/wide receiver duos in the game.

Patrick Mahomes (97) and Tyreek Hill (94) – Kansas City Chiefs

As many expected, the top offensive duo in Madden 20 will be reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and lightning-fast receiver Tyreek Hill. Mahomes narrowly edged Tom Brady to take the game’s highest rating for a quarterback led by his elite throwing power (96) and accuracy (93 or higher for short, mid, and deep accuracy). Dropping deep dimes to Hill (99 speed) is going to almost be too easy this year.

Matt Ryan (89) and Julio Jones (98) – Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have been together posting video game numbers in real life for years, so naturally, they’re one of the top duos for Madden 20. Jones is very well-rounded with 90+ ratings in awareness, speed, agility, catching, and catching in traffic, among several more. Ryan’s strong accuracy and 90-rated throw on the run should make the Atlanta Falcons’ offense a nearly unstoppable one.

Drew Brees (92) and Michael Thomas (95) – New Orleans Saints

Another no-brainer here, Drew Brees and Michael Thomas have established themselves as one of the NFL’s best offensive duos, so it only makes sense for them to be among the best at their positions. Brees’ 85-rated throwing power seems a bit low for him, but his elite accuracy should make up for it. His 96-rated play-action abilities should also help confuse defenses. Combined with Thomas’ 98 catching rating and 95 catch in traffic, these two will give defenses nightmares.

Tom Brady (96) and Julian Edelman (89) – New England Patriots

If you want to truly annoy any Madden opponent, just use the Tom Brady/Julian Edelman duo. Brady’s short and mid accuracies are rated 99 and 98, respectively, while Edelman has solid catching, acceleration, and agility ratings. Is there anything more frustrating than your opponent just chipping away with 12-yard receptions one after the other? Probably not, and these two are going to do it better than anyone.

Andrew Luck (92) and T.Y. Hilton (91) – Indianapolis Colts

Finally, Andrew Luck returned last season after missing the entire 2017 campaign and he wasted no time getting back to form. T.Y. Hilton racked up nearly 1,300 yards and only played 14 games. These two should light up Madden defense with Luck’s top-tier accuracy ratings and Hilton’s speed and agility, rated 93 and 95 respectively. Luck and Hilton should easily hook up over the top on defenses all day long.

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