Here’s the “Play” That Actually Tore Peyton Manning’s Right Quad

A simple rollout to Sanders? I don’t think so, Peyton.

Today, numerous reports have surfaced that Peyton Manning played the divisional matchup against Indianapolis on a torn right quad muscle.

Per Schefty:

According to Adam Schefter, the quad muscle was originally injured on a basic roll out to Emmanuel Sanders. But let’s be honest…you really hurt your leg on an old man block during that same game and don’t want to admit it.

Awkwardly spinning onto your right leg during a play you’ve never practiced will not end up well for a 38 yr old QB.

Manning kept the December 14th injury quiet, only revealing the tear to a small circle around him. Yet after looking like a shadow of himself on Sunday, it was time to release the details.

“Alright I’m sick of people saying I’m no good. Let’s go with the Sanders’ rollout story. Don’t mention the block.”


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