Here’s a Pro Golfer Flipping Off a Golf Hole

Golfer flips off a golf hole

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I very much enjoy seeing professional athletes competitors looking exactly like I do when I hit the links. Even if it’s only for one very brief moment, I still get a small amount of satisfaction out the whole ordeal.

Now looking at this, you’re probably thinking that Emiliano Grillo missing a 10-12 footer isn’t that unusual. But, when you miss a 10-12 footer that would have gotten you to play on the weekend and for real money, you can see why you’d give the bird to a hole in the ground. That’s what missing this shot cost Grillo. Honestly, he could have done more, and it would have been fine. I personally think that throwing the middle finger out there is a very therapeutic way to blow off some steam. More guys in sports should do this instead of saying words that can land them in trouble with who knows what group. So, when you get mad this weekend for whatever the reason, don’t go on a tirade. Just throw the bird out there and be on your business. You’ll feel better. Maybe you won’t.

No matter what you do, we all know there is only one ultimate, logical way to react to missing a big putt

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