Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra Passes Away

The world of baseball was sentenced to a state of deep mourning this Wednesday upon hearing of legendary catcher Yogi Berra’s death on Tuesday night. The Hall of Fame catcher was 90 years old and died of natural causes.

Yogi Berra was a man who transcended the game of baseball as we know it with his kindness and inherent wisdom that he brought to the ballpark on a daily basis. We will always remember him as the Yankee who could never be found with a scorn look on his face. He was a man who constantly let his welcoming smile radiate towards every person he had the pleasure of meeting.

Berra was a true man of the people. Every fan felt a kinship with the bow-legged catcher from St. Louis that was known worldwide by his unique nickname that fostered one of the most famous cartoons of the past century. Besides his friendly demeanor and wise phrases that were so eloquently deemed as “Yogi-isms,” he was known for his superior play and is noted as one of the greatest catchers of all-time.

Berra was a 10 time World Series champion and has one of the most impressive October resumes of any player to date. His character and willingness to put it all on the line to get the win were traits that so few have possessed. Commissioner Rob Manfred had this to say about the legend.

“Yogi Berra’s character, talent, courage, extraordinary experiences and inimitable way with words made him a universally beloved figure in baseball and beyond. Yogi Berra was a beacon of Americana, and today Major League Baseball and all of its clubs stand together in mourning his passing and celebrating his memory. On behalf of the game he served with excellence and dignity, I extend my deepest condolences to Yogi’s children and grandchildren, his many friends throughout our game and his countless admirers.”

Berra played at a level that few have been able to attain.  His passing is a huge hit to the world of baseball and his legacy will never be lost. For years to come, Berra’s legendary career will be reminisced by many and critiqued by none. He simply was a man that you wanted to love and inevitably did. Farewell Yogi, you will surely be missed.


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