VIDEO: Guy Who Drops Home Run Ball Cannot Be More Crushed by his Performance

Fan drops home run ball and his having a bad time

Photo Courtesy of Flip Board

Teamwork. That’s all I have to say.

This is something that gets stressed in little league. You need to have strong communication when roaming the outfield and you also need it when you’re sitting behind the outfield in the stands, apparently. The fact that both of these guys couldn’t check their egos and let the other guy catch this home run ball makes it apropos that neither of them gets to claim it.

What I do like about this mishap is that the guy with that hat on is taking some sort of accountability and being man enough to place blame on the other guys. I’m not about to say that leadership is one of his intangibles, but it’s nice to see someone stepping up to the plate(you like that) and putting blame on someone.

I hope that the guy with the tattoo on his arm is doing alright. He seemed pretty distraught about not taking that slice of memorabilia home to show off to everyone. Honestly, he has a better story with this outcome. The amount of conversations he can inject this into while also having the video to back it up should definitely yield another date as long as he laughs at himself while he’s showing it off. A little dating advice for a Thursday morning.

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