Panthers TE Greg Olsen to Hold Out?

Greg Olsen

Panthers superstar Tight End, Greg Olsen, is a great teammate, football player, and a great family man. He’s good at his job and has been Cam Newton’s most reliable option through the last three years.

Well, after three straight 1,000 yard seasons and three Pro Bowl appearances, he is expecting what most people who do well at their job expect, a raise.

He has been the number 2 in receiving yards for a Tight End for the last three years, but he is only seventh in annual salary and 12th in guaranteed money. It makes sense that he would expect more money, but GM Dave Gettleman doesn’t make a habit of offering big contracts to older players.

He would like to be one of the highest paid Tight Ends in the league and his production proves that he is worth that, but just as Josh Norman and DeAngelo Williams learned how much of a tight wallet Gettleman likes to maintain, he may not get it.

Olsen did say that it is “too early” to tell if he will hold out.

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