Greg Monroe Signs the Worst NBA Contract Possible

Greg Monroe signed a 1 year, 5.48 million dollar offer to become an unrestricted free agent next year.

NBA players get paid no matter what happens, after they sign on the dotted line. Let’s look at Derrick Rose.

Look at him.

Do you think he considered signing a one year deal? He’s making 20+ million to show off those slick Men’s Warehouse suits. Think it’s smart to gamble on yourself and not sign a max deal? How has that worked out for centers in the past? And don’t tell me the Pistons weren’t willing to deal Josh Smith for peanuts in order to lock up the young big man.


Sign for the max when you can, young blood. Because that’s what you do. You get the guaranteed paycheck, so like Rose, you can sit on the bench and collect. Detroit’s not that bad.

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