Greedy Williams Doesn’t Love His Madden 20 Rating

Greedy Williams was the 46th pick in 2019 NFL draft, does his Madden rating correctly reflect his skill set?

Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Browns

Browns Punter Britton Colquitt has been a staple in the Browns Twitter videos. The dude is just a great talker and natural teammate. This morning he went met up with new Browns cornerback Greedy Williams to ask if Greedy knew his Madden rating and what he thought it was. Well, Greedy was none too pleased to find out his rating.

My favorite part about this video was the fact that he goes, “73?! They might as well have made me 65!” I love it. He’s totally right too. If you’re not breaking the 77+ rating you might as well be Brucey from The Longest Yard. In response, the wonderful folks at Madden had something to say about it as well.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Love it even more. Basically telling the kid what every parent tells their kids around Christmas, “If you’re good all year, you’ll get yourself a present!” A solid way to motivate these guys. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see if Greedy’s rating changes in the first few weeks of this upcoming season. Let’s just hope he’s trending in the positive direction.

Cheers friends, Jiggy

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