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Georgia Football Player Saves Day at Strip Club

What do SEC players do once their season ends? Rescue strippers at titty bars of course.

On Wednesday, a fight broke out when a Georgia man apparently exposed himself to a stripper (c’mon bro, act like you’ve been there before… there are massage parlors for that). Enter 298 pound Georgia Bulldog Offensive Lineman Zach DeBell who by all accounts ruined that perverts night — from the Athens Banner-Herald:

“The brawl began after (Joseph William) Kirkland allegedly exposed himself to a Toppers employee while she was dancing for him in a room at the club. The woman told police she asked Kirkland to zip himself up before leaving the room, but he was still exposed when she returned a few minutes later.

The dancer then alerted (Andrew Ho) Kim (bouncer) and other employees, who attempted to remove Kirkland from the club, police said. While being ushered through the club, witnesses told police that Kirkland punched and elbowed Kim in the bar area.

DeBell “carried Kirkland out of the bar by his belt and collar and had placed him on the sidewalk outside the front doorway,” according to the police report.

“DeBell also stated that when Kirkland was on his stomach on the sidewalk,” police noted, “(the bouncer) had punched Kirkland in the face.”

Zach DeBell — SEC lineman by day, Strip Club Hero by night. Think he got a free lap dance?

Soundss like the Bulldogs are having a lot more fun than the Crimson Tide and Missouri Tigers right now. Have fun playing in your SEC Championship game tonight you nerds. The rest of the SEC is getting down in the dirty south.



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