Former Miami Dolphin Survives 12 Hours At Sea

Former Dolphins’ fullback Robert Konrad has an incredible will to survive.

Fishing alone off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, Konrad was attempting to land a catch and fell into the water.  Unfortunately for Konrad, his boat was on autopilot and casually meandered away from him, leaving him alone in the sea.  With temperatures between 55 and 61 degrees and no life jacket on, Konrad pretty much had two choices.  Either drown, or start swimming.

Konrad chose the latter, and for the next twelve hours, he made his way nine miles back to the beach.

Just let that sink in.

Nine miles over the course of twelve hours, he swam in cold waters wearing nothing but his underwear.

When he never showed up after his trip, friends contacted the authorities and the search began.  The 6’3”  250lb Syracuse alum saw Coast Guard helicopters overhead during the ordeal, but they didn’t see him.  They did eventually find him, laying on Palm Beach, with hypothermia.  He was taken to the hospital and treated and released, and told the media he wasn’t interested in discussing his ordeal.

To put it into context, a marathon in the swimming world is considered to be a length of 6.2 miles.  Swimming a marathon and a half alone is the stuff of legendary bad-assedness, but for good measure, Konrad didn’t just do this epic swim anywhere.  He pulled it off in what is statistically proven to be the most shark infested waters in the entire world!  Not to mention, without the insulating warmth of a wet suit, or the unnecessary months of training to prepare for an incredibly dangerous and grueling ordeal.

When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under his bed for Robert Konrad.


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