Former Browns GM Sashi Brown Finds New Home with Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards tumultuous offseason continues as it was first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that the Wizards have hired former Cleveland Browns GM Sashi Brown as their chief planning and operations manager.

The Wizards spent a good majority of this offseason without even a GM at the helm, but have now finally gotten a staff to head into the upcoming season with. They just very recently made Tommy Sheppard the GM after being the interim GM for the majority of last season.

The Wizards are in a very interesting spot as they head into next season. They have top talent in John Wall and Bradley Beal, a total salary cap allocation of $130,639,176 and seemingly no chance of competing in the near future. So now the question is, with the addition of Brown to the staff, are the Wizards heading for a tank much like the Browns did under Brown?

Any person familiar with the Browns would tell you that Brown’s tenure in Cleveland wasn’t a pleasant one. The Browns went 1-15 in Brown’s first season and of course went 0-16 in 2017, though Brown was fired before the season ended. However, while there wasn’t much to celebrate off the field Brown did manage to stockpile a ton of picks that current GM John Dorsey was able to use to turn the Browns into a contender.

With the Wizards not looking to compete and having tradeable pieces in both Wall and Beal, it would seem likely that the Wizards will be the next NBA team to go into full tank mode. Brown is the guy you bring in to organize that because if there’s one thing Brown knows how to do its tank.

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